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Saturday, September 7, 2013

In Support Of Limiting Campaigns.

Dear Readers, the reason that I am passing on this e-mail is even more spending on the elections is the very last thing we need, most especially those of us who live in 'Battle Ground States' such as Ohio. After all, how very few of us could forget the fact that the attack ads against President Barack Obama and Senator Sherrod Brown began even before the General Election of 2011--with even more money to spend campaigns can or would start even earlier than a mere year and a few months--I do not believe anyone wants that--No Citizen would like to see campaign season be year round--If You Do Not Want To See Campaign Season Be Year Round--Please Sign Sen. Sherrod Brown's Petition, IF You Are Able, Thank You.

Sequels are almost always worse than the originals. And just in case the Supreme Court's decision in Citizens United wasn't bad enough, they're gearing up for
Citizens United 2.0.
The case is called McCutcheon vs. FEC -- and it could open up an even bigger flow of spending in our elections.
In the last election, special interest groups spent more than $40 million against us in Ohio. The very last thing we need is even more money flooding our election process.
Right-wing billionaires and special interest groups are doing everything they can to rig our election process. They want a campaign finance system with no limits, no regulations -- where they can essentially buy as much influence in any election they choose.
But democracy wasn't built on the principle that those with the most cash should have the most influence.
Middle class families don't have a million dollars to donate to spend. Yet it is their voices, and their issues, that desperately need to be heard the most.
This case could destroy common-sense safeguards that keep money out of our election process. Citizens United was step one. McCutcheon could be step two. If we sit back and let this happen, where will it end?
We've already seen what happens when you unleash waves of spending into elections with Citizens United. This tragedy for our democracy doesn't need an Act II.
Thank you for taking action.