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Wednesday, October 30, 2013

In Support of the Economy--one family at a time.

Still Supporting Your Adult
 5 Steps for Cutting Them
Oct 30th, 2013 -
By helping your grown kids financially, you may be signaling

that you don't trust them to care for themselves.

Here's how to wean them financially while continuing

to give them love and support.
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WARNING--WARNING-Each case is indeed different--
The writer of this seems to have forgotten that some young
 people have student loans that need to be paid off, completely
, since the Government may step in to save bank from failing
 but only banks and car companies.

This is why this blog has on occasion stepped in to
fill the gap by passing on>>>>>

5 Things You Need to Know
 About HR (That They'll Never

Don’t underestimate the HR department; they have
more power
 than you might think. The better you understand their
 work, the
better you can succeed at yours.
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Simple Tricks for Building Relationships
That Will Benefit Your Career

How do you make people love you — and love working
with you? By building relationships. Here are a few
 strategies to help you thrive.
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Burning bridges won’t do your career any favors.
Here’s how
you can take advantage of a bad situation and
 remain professional.
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You’re supposed to be excited about your new paycheck and
benefits. But you’re also terrified. Learn how to turn new job
 fears into an opportunity for success.
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Exciting Business Gadgets

of the Future

Small Businesses

A Glimpse of Tomorrow's Technology

We all use smartphones and wireless for business now, but what does the future of technology hold?
While you may occasionally read stories about things like Google Glass, there is a lot of exciting and futuristic technology emerging that will change the face of small business, like:
  • Touch-Interactive Desks
  • 3D Holographic Projections
  • Telepresence Robots
  • Bionic Contact Lenses
Sound like science fiction? Think again. Much of this mind-blowing business technology is already here:



Is Technology Replacing Small Business Jobs?