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Tuesday, February 11, 2014

In Support of>>>>>>

Dear Reader;
I am passing on this e-mail as my way of supporting Congress Person Nancy Pelosi>>>

Last Friday, we learned that the centrist New Democrat Coalition is whipping House Democrats on fast track trade authority to clear the way for passage of the Trans-Pacific Partnership. Just when we thought that Congress was shying away from Fast Track, pro-corporate Democrats are jumping into action, hoping to scare already-nervous Democrats facing tough re-election fights into putting their donors' interests over the needs of their constituents.
The New Democrat Coalition knows what we've always known: the real game on the TPP isn't in the Senate, it is in the House. As Jim Dean wrote to our members below, it's great that Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid has held firm against unrelenting pressure to bring Fast Track to a vote. However, if Democratic leadership in the House doesn't have Reid's back the TPP -- with all of its secret corporate giveaways -- could become the law of the land.
House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi may be the only thing standing between us and the TPP. Tell her that now is the time -- speak out against Fast Track and the TPP today.
Thank you for fighting unchecked corporate power, 
          - Karli
Karli Wallace, Campaign Organizer
Democracy for America 

Thank You, for your time and support.