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Tuesday, February 4, 2014

In Support of Consumer's Report and In Support of ObamaCare>>

>>> I am passing on this email>>>>>Thank God, I am now covered and more importantly my younger son is also now covered.
Something AMAZING has happened. People with pre-existing conditions are getting insurance to pay for the care they need.
But it has been a rocky road. There's only a few more weeks for people to enroll (deadline is March 31st) and millions are confused or discouraged. Many people who will save money and get better coverage aren't even trying to enroll.
Consumer Reports -- one of the nation's most trusted brands -- is pitching in to get "just the facts" to the people who need them with a simple online tool.
But Consumer Reports needs your help.
Check out the Consumer Reports' for yourself, then share it with everyone you think might need to enroll by March 31st! gives you the factual information you need about the new health insurance system so that you can make the changes work for you.
People are starting to enroll, but all the partisan bickering and finger pointing has taken its toll. Millions more could enroll by March 31st, and they will do just that if they understand exactly how the new system benefits them.
Consumer Reports put its policy and insurance experts together with geeks and engineers to produce a new kind of information tool. Simple to read and easy to use on phones, tablets and computers.
Then they made it easy to input some personal data, but none of the personal data is retained -- privacy first! You get a personalized look at the impact the new law may have on you.
Help make sure health reform is here to stay -- share with friends and family.
The more people who enroll, the harder it will be to roll back these new protections. So please take a check out and then circulate it to friends and family. Share it on Facebook. Forward this email. Use Twitter. Every new enrollee makes the new health care system stronger.
DeAnn Friedholm, Consumers Union
Policy and Action from Consumer Reports