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Wednesday, March 26, 2014

There Is Something Very Very Wrong About this>>>>

In Support of Justice and this Petition>>>>

North Dakota Public Commission: Penalize Hiland Operating LLC For Illegal Pipeline!

North Dakota Public Commission: Penalize Hiland Operating LLC For Illegal Pipeline!

  • author: Regan Copple
  • target: North Dakota Public Service Commissioners: Brian Kalk (Chairman), Randy Christmann, Julie Fedorchak
  • signatures: 68
Only 68 signatures so far---That is so Wrong--There Must Be more People Who Care About Justice than just 68 people!!!!!!!!!!! Ms. Janice Thompson Needs far more that that, COME ON PEOPLE--YES, WE CAN!!!!!!!!!!!! AFTER ALL, BREAKING THE LAW SHOULD HAVE CONSEQUENCES, EVEN FOR COMPANIES.
we've got 68 signatures, help us get to 25,000>>> About this Petition                                           

Update #1 March 6, 2014full update ▾

The Hiland LLC Pipeline Petition to urge the North Dakota Commissioners to penalize them instead of letting them off scot-free has stalled at 35 signatures. I would urge you all to ask your friends on Care2 to sign this important petition. This one has a chance of making it up to the front page if we can get enough critical momentum going, US residents especially, & North Dakota residents critically. Please help, thank you.















Oklahoma company won't be fined for pipeline without permit

BISMARCK, N.D. (AP) — A company that operated a natural gas pipeline for more than two years without a permit will not be fined by the state Public Service Commission. The pipeline by Hiland Operating LLC of Enid, Okla., was completed in 2010. The company told the commission in May 2012 that it did not have a permit. The Bismarck Tribune reports that a company can be fined up to $10,000 per day for "willfully building an energy conversion facility or transmission line without a permit," with the total fine not to exceed $200,000. Commissioners say they don't think the violation was intentional and fining Hiland might deter other companies from considering investment in North Dakota.
The Commission's statutory responsibilities concerning pipelines in North Dakota include:
  • Establishment and enforcement of rates or charges and regulations by common pipeline carriers for receiving, gathering, transporting, loading, delivering, and incident storing of crude petroleum, coal or gas purchased or sold in North Dakota; and
  • Enforcement of safety requirements for intrastate distribution and transmission of natural gas.

Duties of the North Dakota Public Service Commissioners: The Commission is comprised of three Commissioners who are elected on a statewide basis to staggered six-year terms. The Commission was established before North Dakota became a state. Dakota Territory established a Board of Railroad Commissioners in ... more