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Friday, April 11, 2014

I got this very important email that is very worth sharing--So I am>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Hey -
I just got this email from Demand Progress about Comcast's jerk of a lobbyist. We need to make sure everyone sees this to help fight back against this disastrous merger with Time Warner.
You'd think Comcast super-lobbyist David Cohen might show some class. Maybe he'd even be humble knowing that 52 percent of Americans think Comcast's merger with Time Warner is a bad idea.
Instead, Cohen says he hasn’t heard any “rational, knowledgeable voices” opposed to the merger.
So much for humble.
Let's tell David Cohen that millions of very knowledgeable, very rational people oppose this merger:
It’s rational to oppose giving Comcast an untold amount of market power. And it's rational to be weary of the implications for privacy, freedom of speech, and what's left of our open Internet.
And we remember when Comcast got busted for violating Net Neutrality--which makes us pretty knowledgeable. We also know about their data caps and their plans for complete media domination. And we also know Comcast was just voted the worst company in America!
Let's wipe that smirk off Cohen's face.
Click here to add your name to our letter to Comcast's top lobbyist, David Cohen:
We'll pass on your very knowledgeable and rational message that this merger is awful.
Thank you for your passion,
-The Demand Progress Team