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Monday, April 7, 2014

Too Late>>>>>>

RNC, Please Don’t
Peruse any of the various stories about the Republican National Committee considering Las Vegas for the 2016 convention and the stories will read as if the GOP is going open handed to its sugar daddy, Sheldon Adelson.

Already, Republicans across the nation are tripping over themselves in the rush to bask in Mr. Adelson’s presence and pledge their undying loyalty to him. Many of these Republicans are willing to ban online gambling to further Mr. Adelson’s business interests. He owns casinos.

It is embarrassing. A party that is trying to show it represents Main Street, not Wall Street, and the middle class, not the American aristocracy, should not put itself in a position where all the news stories suggest they want a convention in Vegas to placate a donor...According to the Red State.

Too Late, the GOP has already proven that they are Anti-Middle Class by Fighting ObamaCare and by Weakening/ Disabling Unions and by fighting against repairing the infrastructure of the United States and by cuts in Education funding and by each and every one of their members who cut  employees hours for their own profit and by bankrupting our youth with student loan debt and by fighting any raises in the minimum wage and by causing the Government Shut down that was and by cutting each and every service that the poor need in order to provide tax cuts for the very rich. So Yes, thanks to the Supreme Court They do have to 'Kiss Their Sugar Daddy's Ring'.