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Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Freedom To Speak And Be Heard.

I was hoping to stay active, dispite the fact that my laptop computer went down with a virus. The 'Cure' is taking longer than expected. Thus are the best layed plans of mice and men and this woman.

But I am passing this on>>>

Facebook Bans Ad Criticizing Mark Zuckerberg's Pro-Keystone XL Stance

      Oil Change International

          Here’s a question for you. What have one of the world’s richest companies and one of the world’s richest men have in common? The answer: They have both censored.... Read More.
Since somehow it seems more than a bit hypocritial that someone like Mark Zuckerberg who is so involved with communications would stop anyone from talking about his activities. Most Especially, when those activities are so distructive.
Yes, I am a firm believer in freedom of speech, for one and all, whether they agree with me or not. Most especially not. After all, it is by reading things, hopefully inteligient things that my learning begins.
Well, I better keep this short, it will take me at least another 5 days before I get my laptop back and get to spend as long as it takes on-line before I can go back to find more things that inspire me or to support causes or to fillout lengthly applications. Oh, well, thus is life. At least, now I have no excuse not to get more writing on my novel done or more clarinet practice done or more exercising done.