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Tuesday, July 9, 2013

I am back on-line

I am finally back on-line with a new computer, since the virus I had killed my laptop. So much has happened since I last posted don't know where to start.

Well, a few good things happened while off line  I took the time to go on a road trip to Chicago. The driving was a trip for me, since I was born raised and lived my whole life in one suburb or another. City driving freaked me out!  I will never complain about Ohio Drivers Ever Ever again.

I have made progress with my Science Fiction Novel, tentatively titled 'Archaea' the fictional planet that becomes the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter.

I have continued studying the Spanish Language.

Who knows one day I will get a digital camera and become able to take my own pictures.

Today, at work, three grouchy old men were sitting and complaining that there are too many minorities living in America. They complained that that was why no Conservative Republican can get elected President--What those bigoted haters need to learn is the reason that no hater should ever be elected President of the U.S. is because the fact is--Yes, we have become a multicultural society. As long as the Republican Party continues the Unholy alliance between Big Business and Religion, they will continue to become more and more the minority. This is so Ironic.  ;-)