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Thursday, July 25, 2013

The Planet and the Economy can both be saved. Just because Congress cannot work together, does not mean,we cannot, either.

Unemployment Will Get Worse in 2014                                                                       Jim Clifton >>"Unemployment will get worse in 2014.
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But, since it is still 2013, this grim prediction is not written in stone, we can work together, even though the United States Congress cannot nor will not do the same.

I believe we can have a bright economic future without raping the planet and still pay the working person a livable wage. Yes, I am supporting this petition from and by the good people of the Sierra Club--Read--Sign--Share!

Two well blow-outs on natural gas rigs in the Gulf of Mexico in two weeks? This is outrageous!

After a well blow-out on Tuesday, a fire started and continues to burn out-of-control just 60 miles from the Louisiana shore. The good news is that the 44 crew members were all safely evacuated. The bad news is that natural gas continues to leak from the well, firefighting vessels have not been able to get close enough to put out the fire 1, and the well has partially collapsed 2.
Natural gas should not play a role in our country's energy future. If President Obama moves forward with a plan to replace coal with natural gas, it means more fracking in our communities, on our public lands, and off our coasts. Although it is too early tell what kind of environmental damage this well blow-out and fire have caused, we already know the impact of fracking in communities across the country -- polluted air, poisoned water, and more climate pollution. Instead of more fracking, we need to double down on clean energy like wind and solar.

Send your message today. Drilling for natural gas, whether on land or in the Gulf of Mexico, is not the solution to meet our country's energy needs.

In support of a friend and a good cause and future employees and future employers.

Support Service Learning for Every Classroom in the United States ! PLEASE SIGN ! !

- 7 hours ago -
High-quality service learning is key to helping students become civically engaged citizens who will grow up to be powerful defenders of our planet and all its inhabitants.

So I pass on>>>

From Brazen Careerist.


MPA@UNC Free Webinar

Free Webinar: Next Tuesday, July 30th and 7pm ET / 4pm PT
Register here >>

Interested in working in public administration? Think it might be the right career for you?
Then don’t miss this event! On July 30th, join us for a special webinar to learn more about The University of North Carolina’s Master’s in Public Administration, a program that’s available online. Since we know Brazenites love online education, admissions director Joy Jackson has generously offered to join us Tuesday evening at 7pm ET / 4pm PT for an inside look at the program. 

What would you learn through an MPA program, and how can it help your career?

Joy, who’s also an alumnus of the in-residence MPA degree at UNC, joins us today to tell us about the degree. If this sounds interesting, join us for the free webinar!
Brazen: So Joy, first of all, what is the MPA all about?
Joy: The MPA is the perfect degree for those looking to work in public administration, whether that’s in local or federal government or for not-for-profit organizations. Both the in-residence and online MPA programs give students a professional and practically focused education in all aspects of public administration work, helping them gain the knowledge, skills and abilities they need to be an effective public service leader.

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