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Friday, July 12, 2013

The Fight For Truth and Justice and against Republican and Extreme Christianity Continues.

This is why this Independent is becoming more and more Anti-Republican>>>>

The Next Time Someone Tells You To Be Afraid Of Socialized Medicine, Show Them This

This is why the working person need more than just a living wage, but health care too.
by Dante Atkins
Remember how interaction by congress allowed interest rates on certain student loans to double as of July 1?....Read More and Watch Video!

As if we need our young people settling for minimum wage jobs, instead of getting a college degree and getting higher paying jobs. We need as many people as possible to climb out of poverty.  What these Republicans Are Too Greedy and Corrupt to understand is the Rich 1% ARE NOT the backbone of society. After all, even the poorest underdeveloped nation has a few who are very rich, but yet they receive charity from developed nations. The True Backbone Of Society Is the Middle Class and The Middle Class Family, in all its colors, forms and religions.  When we take from the Middle Class to Give to the Rich, All of Society Will Suffer.

This is also why this blog fights for Truth and Justice= Against Christian Extremism. After all, it seems to me that the one and only reason that so many would be against a living minimum wage and against affordable health care is that their extremism has gotten so bad that the only way to get anyone through their doors is if they are hungry enough to do almost anything for food, even sit through one of their hate filled sermons.

This is why the vote is so very important--Far More Important than who owns a gun or not, because the Pen (Vote) is Still far more powerful than any mere sword.

This Is Why Voting Rights Do Matter>>>

Dear readers, that is why we need to fight the Good Fight against Voter Fraud. After all, the Republican Party has learned one lesson, they can not win elections without lying, cheating or stealing. They do not seem to care how Ugly or Evil this makes Jesus look.

The U.S. Supreme Court recently struck down a critical section of the Voting Rights Act, which has helped protect this county from racial discrimination in voting since 1965. Because of this decision, the federal government no longer has the power to prevent racially discriminatory election procedures from going into effect.
Here in Ohio, we have recently seen many attempts to make it more difficult to vote. During last year’s election, deceptive billboards were placed in minority neighborhoods, and it took a decision from the U.S. Supreme Court to restore early voting the weekend before the election. Just two short months ago, the Ohio legislature tried to restrict the ability of college students to vote from their college campuses. These examples are just some of the important reasons why Congress must act quickly to reinstate the full protections of the Voting Rights Act.
The Supreme Court ruled that in order for the federal government to prevent racial discrimination in voting, Congress must set a new standard for determining whether a state or locality should be covered by the Voting Rights Act. Since this pivotal decision, states such as Alabama, Texas, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Mississippi, many of whom have a history of attempting to enact discriminatory voting practices, have already announced they intend to implement voting laws that will make it more difficult for eligible citizens to vote. Therefore, SWIFT action is necessary by Congress to protect the right to vote.
Tell Congress to consider extending section 4 coverage of the Voting Rights Act to include all states that been subject to restrictive voting laws, including Ohio.

Here is what you can do right now to make your voice heard by Congress:
1. Email your Congressperson and ask that the Voting Rights Act formula be fixed now.
2. Call your Congressperson and ask that the Voting Rights Act formula be fixed now.
Thank you for standing up for voter rights!