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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

The Lone Ranger Movie--

I finally got around to watching the Lone Ranger Movie and I am glad that I did. I confess, one delay was the fact that I did not know that Johnny Depp had any Native American blood in him. When I first saw the trailers, I wondered how or why a Caucasian American was playing the part of a Native American, until I saw his life story on Biography and found out that he is indeed part Native American, so why not. 

Images of lone ranger 2013
There were many hard truths that needed to be told. The railroads made a few greedy business men very very rich at the cost of all too many of their employees lives.  Many of the train employees were Chinese decent.  All too many 'Christians' called them heathens and Right Wing Christian Extremists, still do. I know, I worked for one--she said that the Native Americans got treated how there were treated how they were treated as punishment for being heathens--as if stealing is not stealing if it is being done by a Christian in the name of Jesus. As If The Workman is only worthy of their wages if they can prove beyond any accusation that they are 1000% Christian--then and only then is one hour of work equal to one hour of pay, for those who can not prove it then they can only hope and pray that their work will be rewarded on the whim of the Christian Employer. This is why one should hope and pray to work for a NON-Christian. This is why many of our young people are becoming more and more turned off from Christianity--The Right Wing is making Jesus look uglier and uglier every time they open their mouths in Hate, Intolerance, lying, cheating and stealing.
Do other religions have the same problems, probably. But then again, I was born and raised, left, but came back to the Lutheran Denomination--I can and will comment on Christianity, since I am. I can not comment on other religions that I am not. There I am an out-sider, without that right.
Extremists do more to convert others away from the Religion that they are sponging than convert to it, regardless whatever that Religion is.  We all have Freedom of Speech, therefore we must learn to agree to disagree.  After all, the United States of America is and always has been a Multi-cultural nation and it is about time all segments get the respect that they deserve. All citizens of the United States have and should have the same rights.  Until, the Republican Party learns that, they will not be honored with the White House.