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Friday, May 31, 2013


 Dear Readers, I am back at the library sharing this email. After all, after hearing how Gun Extremists have tried to poison President Barack Obama because they have been taken in by the NRA's fear-mongering tactics. I guess I should not be surprised that my blog was also assaulted with a computer virus. There are people who are so afraid that some one will come and take their beloved weapons away that they are willing to kill to keep them and yet and yet we the rest of the world are suppose to feel safe that these people who will do anything and everything to keep their weapons are well armed and very dangerous---NOT!!!!! THEY ARE THE VERY ONES WHO NEED TO BE DISARMED!!! THEY ARE THE VERY REASON THAT GUN SAFETY MUST COME TO THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA--THEY ARE ONE OF THE REASONS THAT BACKGROUND CHECKS ARE SO MUCH NEEDED.  WHO CAN ACTUALLY SLEEP AT NIGHT KNOWING THAT THE VERY ONES WHO WILL KILL TO KEEP THEIR WEAPONS ARE FREE TO BUY ANY WEAPON THEY WANT WITH AS MUCH AMMO THEY CAN AFFORD WITH MEGA ROUND CLIPS AS HIGH AS 100 ROUNDS--NOBODY!!!

It was outrageous when the Senate killed an up-or-down vote to require background checks — the most modest part of the president’s gun reform agenda.
But now four Republican senators who voted against the Manchin-Toomey amendment that would have strengthened background checks — and who have seen their popularity crash in local polling as a result1 — are scrambling to convince their constituents they actually supported background checks.
This is not only an outright lie, but it’s also a blatant and cynical attempt to mislead constituents about their senator’s voting record.
Tell Republican Senators Ayotte, Heller, Portman, and Paul: Shame on you for lying about your vote on background checks. Click here to sign automatically.
Since that shameful vote prevented the bill requiring background checks from moving to the floor of the Senate, Senators Kelly Ayotte, Dean Heller, Rob Portman, and Rand Paul have seen their approval ratings drop dramatically, while those who unexpectedly voted in favor of background checks have seen a spike in approval ratings.2
Now these four senators who voted against background checks are touting their vote for a fake bill proposed by Senators Chuck Grassley and Ted Cruz.3,4,5,6 That sham legislation would have undermined the current background check system by eliminating longstanding prohibitions on gun possession by the seriously mentally ill while making it harder for the federal government to stop illegal gun trafficking.7
Calling their votes for the right-wing and pro-gun Grassley-Cruz amendment a vote in support of background checks is an outrageous attempt to rewrite history. We can’t let them get away with this.
Tell Republican Senators Ayotte, Heller, Portman, and Paul: Shame on you for lying about your vote on background checks. Click here to sign automatically.
These lies may be beyond the pale, but they are not isolated. Tea Party Republicans did the same thing last year when they voted no on the Violence Against Women Act and for a sham alternative.8 We have to push back against these misinformation campaigns, and push back hard, by shaming these legislators and telling their constituents the truth about their right-wing records.
Tell these four senators to stop lying about their votes, and support real gun violence prevention reform instead of using fake legislation as a shield. Click the link below to automatically sign this petition:
This is offensive and hypocritical, even for Republicans in our nation’s capital. Thank you for pushing back.
Jordan Krueger, Campaign Manager
CREDO Action from Working Assets