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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

God Save America From The Religious Right and From The Right Wing.

By Ian Millhiser, Think Progress
Virginia GOP nominee for Attorney General would force women to report their miscarriages to police. READ MORE»
As a person whose very own Mother--God Rest her soul, had not only a miscarriage before my older sister and I were born,( as I recall the history of that sad event that our mother told us, she was about 5 weeks into her first pregnancy when she suddenly saw a lump of blood flow out of her and down the drain, and faster than the speed of thought she was no longer pregnant) but also had a pair of twin sons who were born 'blue', a.k.a. with their umbilical cords wrapped around their necks--they both died not long after they were born.

Thank God, that took place before the Republican party became the Right Wing Wing-Nuts that they are today. Thank God, my late Mother was treated with respect as a woman who was grieving  not as a woman who was guilty of something, until or unless she could find a way to prove her innocence.

This--This is yet another example of how and why the Republican Party are proving themselves to be the Anti-Choice Party.  This-This is why we all must SAVE AMERICA FROM The Republican Party--For the Love of God--We Must Save the World From America Turn to the Dark Side that the Republican Party has become.

By Alex Kane, AlterNetKaitlyn Hunt is facing felony charges of sexual “battery” after the parents of her 15-year-old girlfriend pressed charges. READ MORE»

The Question is--HOW MUCH MORE EVIL MUST THE RELIGIOUS RIGHT DO BEFORE PEOPLE WAKE UP AND SMELL THE COFFEE--THE Religious Right ARE THE EVIL--The Religious Right ARE The Bullies Who Need To Be Brought To Justice-- The Religious Right Need And Must Be Brought To Justice, Because What They Are Doing Is Evil--Pure Evil.  
The Religious Right Are The Reason that Many Young People Walk Away From Christianity--The Religious Right Are the Reason that Many Look Up to the Heavens and Ask Is Jesus Really this Evil and Hateful as the Religious Right???
After all, I learned the hard way what kind of Evil the Religious Right can be--By the way, the justified lying, cheating and steeling from people whom they framed for 'Witchcraft' and being in league with Lora's Ex-husband, Gary--'By the Power of the Holy Spirit, they took the guilty employees for what they were worth' As If--As If only the workman who could prove beyond any and every doubt that they love the Lord Jesus Christ will all their heart and with all their minds and with all their souls--unless the person can prove that they love Jesus Christ enough to obey each and every one of the Ten Commandments of God--Then and only then is the Workman worthy of receiving their wages--if they can not prove they are worthy of their wages then the employers do not need to pay for the work that was done by that mere sinner. Most especially, when the employers are Holy Ghost Filled Christians, who are the judges and juries of holiness and righteousness--as if they are all that--as if having the power of the wallet gives them the authority to judge the living. As If Stealing an employee's wage is not stealing.

Deep Breath--Temper tantrum over--but, Yes, I hate it when I see evil being done in the Name of my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ--Whom I believe is the Loving Son of God the Father.

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 Second Starbucks Shooting Highlights Danger from Gun "Carry" Extremists
By Martha Rosenberg

TOO MANY GUNS ARE THE PROBLEM--EVEN MORE GUNS IS NOT THE SOLUTION TO TOO MANY GUNS--DISARMAMENT MUST COME TO AMERICA.  BUT--BUT--WITHOUT ANY GUN GRABS!!! After all, one catches more flies with butter than with vinegar -Gun Buy Backs Are Part, Only Part of the Solution of too many Guns.
After all, The Bullies Are Only One Group Who Need To Be DisArmed.