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Monday, May 13, 2013

Fight the Good Fight For ObamaCare, the Economy and the Environment.

By Laura Tyson, Al Jazeera English
The weak economy has caused people to postpone consumption of health care services and has encouraged states and employers to restrain their spending on health. READ MORE»
Yes, It will be Good News when ObamaCare Kicks in, but until then,  I am passing on this email>>>>

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Most Importantly, We Do Not Need to Sacrifice the Environment for a job.

Improve Your World: No Fracking, Yes Renewable Energy

Sandra Steingraber     

Well, then, what if we divorced the fossil fuel industry, and, over the next two decades, transitioned entirely to wind, water and solar energy while, at the same time, reducing our per capita energy consumption by half...Read More.

After all, we can not afford to do so 

Atmospheric Carbon Dioxide Levels Reach Record High of 400ppm

TckTckTckScientists are particularly alarmed at the fast-pace of rising emissions levels. Some of them have expressed hope that this moment could provide leaders with a much-needed wake-up call...Read More.

This is Why We must>>> 

Add Wind Power to Grid to Save Billions and Reduce Climate Chaos

Americans for a Clean Energy Grid     Adding more wind power to the grid in the PJM region can lower gas and coal consumption and reduce regional wholesale energy market prices, saving nearly $7 billion per year...