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Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Here is for the Economy that is still growing, despite the Republican Party becoming the Sabotage Party.

This Man Is Already Homeless. Now Some Idiot Has Made Him Even More Miserable.

You Could Be Seeing An Image Here!

Yes, this Gentleman is correct. We do need to do more than just tell him to get a job. After all, we all know we need jobs. The question is how. I confess that there is only so much that this blogger can do, because much of the help that is needed comes in brick and mortar.

In Ohio we have>>>

Ohio Means Jobs - Welcome

Ohio / Regional Reporting Tool ... Employers, Job Seekers. Search talent. Millions of resumes for free. Search jobs. Thousands of jobs and internships.
Employer - Post/Update Resume - Events - Job Post/Training Opportunity

But, then the person needs access to a computer or a library.
That is also why I pass on e-mail like this>>>>

Starting a Business: The Checklist You

 Can’t Live Without

Small Businesses

The Great Big Checklist of Everything Starting a business? Worried you might have missed something?
There are countless things you must do to establish and grow your business, and even the savviest new business owners are bound to miss a few important steps. Not anymore.
This checklist is the most comprehensive collection of both mandatory and recommended tasks for starting a business, and it has gone viral on social media as the “ultimate entrepreneur's checklist.”

Check off each step as you go, and browse through suggestions of useful resources and discounted services to help you get started.

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I am sharing here.

Small Businesses Only Spend 3% on Online Advertising
Extensive Survey Reveals Which Demographics Use What Social Media.

80% of SMBs Don’t Know About the New Top-Level Domains—Do You?

After all, the more small businesses that get started the more jobs there will be to go around, the more jobs that go around the more customers businesses have, the more customers businesses have the more employees they need to hire.....
Yes. Jobs are needed, but not at slave wages, that does not help anyone. Not even the boss in the long run. After all, that triggers the effect that slows down the economy. A Strong Middle Class = A Strong Economy.This is why--I am supporting Cal's Petition.
TAKE ACTION NOW! TELL H& M AND THE GAP-- Avoid Further Tragedies--Produce Guilt-Free Clothing in Bengladesh

 Cal - - 
We've all seen the horrific images of hundreds of innocent women burned or crushed to death in factories while making our clothes. In the next few days we can get companies to stop it happening again...Read More and Sign.