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Thursday, May 23, 2013

Yes, Thank You, Mr. President Barack H. Obama

By Chauncey DeVega, AlterNet

...Obama said that too many young black men make “bad choices.”“Growing up, I made quite a few myself,” Obama said. “Sometimes I wrote off my own failings as just another example of the world trying to keep a black man down. I had a tendency to make excuses for me not doing the right thing.” READ MORE.

THIS--THIS Is why we all should be thankful that Barack Obama was re-elected.  Only the Republicans and other Haters would be angry or offended by the fact that Yes, President Barack Obama has a story to tell. 

After all, We All Do. Even this 50+ Caucasian of European descent who was born and raised a Lutheran in a very Roman Catholic neighborhood that was so White and so Anglo-Saxon that the only thing to argue about was religion. Unfortunately, I was the minority, so I ended up on the losing side, but that was then--This is Now.  After all, We were all Children who behaved as children, and since then, the ACLU has become more and more active.

 A fact that the Religious Right should be thankful for. After all, with out the ACLU become the common enemy of the Right Wing of each and every denomination, movies such as "The Passion" would have never been made. After all, It Took The ACLU becoming the common enemy to stop the various denominations from arguing who was holier, who was more righteous, who was the True Church of Jesus Christ. 

In truth, It Is Because of the ACLU that the Religious Right can focus where they agree, instead of where they disagree.  The Roman Catholics believe in honoring the Virgin Mary and the rest of the Saints to a far higher degree than any of the Protestants and so on and on. 

Leave it to the Republicans to get angry--as if they are the only ones with stories to tell. Yes, they should be free to tell their stories too.  As long as the stories do not become propaganda campaigns of fear-mongering or hate-mongering, but then again, Is This Not what Jesus meant when He said that a person becomes Un-Clean by the words they speak and not by the food they eat, since what a person eats get flushed down the toilet, but the words they speak reveal what is in their heart and minds. 

With the Republicans every word that they speak is another reason not to vote Republican, since they are for Big Business get even bigger at the cost of the Environment and at the cost of the workers, who are the customers of other businesses. If only They Would Wake Up and Smell the Coffee and See what Goes around Comes Back around. Each Company who pays their employees less forces other companies to do the same. This in turn costs more money than saves and it costs the entire economy--since we are all part of this Global Economy--what hurts one will eventually hurt us all.

This is why yesterdays post was going to be about jobs and the economy, but It did not work out--I am so very sorry about that. After all, We all have to work that much harder to keep the damage that the Republicans are doing in Congress to a minimum--But they do believe in every ones right to be well armed and dangerous, and with out background checks who knows when or where any one would accidentally sell a AK Assault Rifle to a Terrorist--As If-As If More guns  can possibly solve the problem of mass shootings.