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Saturday, May 4, 2013

What Goes Around, Comes Back Around, So Let Us Spread Some Good.

Dear Readers, I am passing on a small part of this email, because I find it very ironic that these fear-mongers are now fearful of health, but oppose ObamaCare.
Lee Bellinger's
 Health Edge
Another Highly Deadly Bug Makes
Its Way Across Our Border
Man coughing
One of the most dangerous tuberculosis (TB) strains that the world has ever seen. That's how public health officials describe the potentially disastrous bug recently carried into the U.S. by a man from Nepal who made his way into the United States illegally.
This form of TB is known as XDR – extremely drug resistant. It is not something that U.S. officials are prepared to deal with. Had this man not been caught, this type of TB would now be running loose within our borders.
Tuberculosis is airborne and often fatal. Decades ago, medical advances made it possible to treat and cure TB. But doctors never bargained on disease-carrying illegals from far-away lands introducing new and more virulent strains inside our borders. Over the years, the disease has mutated and now some strains are once again virtually untreatable.
Back in the 1930s, tuberculosis sanatoriums were commonplace. With the rise of drug-resistant TB, they may become common again. ....
Back in the 1930s, tuberculosis sanatoriums were commonplace. With the rise of drug-resistant TB, they may become common again. ....
Back in the 1930s, tuberculosis sanatoriums were commonplace. With the rise of drug-resistant TB, they may become common again. ....
After all, let us stop and think, the reason that there are a growing number of drug resistant strains of bacteria and viruses is because there are so many Americans Without healthcare. So start feeling better, even though they are no truly over the disease, but because money is so tight, they sell their 'extra' pills instead of taking them, and truly be cured of the disease as the result, another disease has the chance to mutate and adapt to the antibiotic.  
After all, many Americans are barely getting by, when they are working, when they take of just because they are sick, they are not only loosing pay, but also paying a doctor. So for Working Class Americans, they need to get back to work as soon as possible or all to often sooner than possible. Many of these have friends who also do not have health coverage, so the minute a friend starts describing the same symptoms that they had, they have the motivation of saving their friend from having to pay a doctor's bill that they can not afford, plus to make back some of the money they lose by being sick, so they sell the rest of their antibiotic.
If only the writer of this would read their own words, they would understand how and why they made the case for ObamaCare.
Dear Readers, I am also passing on this email, because building up the Middle and Working Classes is not only good for our physical health and well-being, but also our economic well-being:My preschooler knows that vegetables are an “anytime” food and sweets are “sometimes” food.  So, recently she tried to convince her dad and me that jelly beans are actually vegetables and therefore are an “anytime” food.  Nice try kiddo, and bonus points for the imagination and conviction, but moms are not so easily fooled.Jelly bean-loving preschoolers aren’t the only ones trying to fool parents.  The deceptively named “Working Families Flexibility Act (H.R. 1406) -- headed to the House floor for a vote next week -- certainly sounds good, but in reality is anything but.  If passed it would mean a pay cut for workers and less – not more – workplace flexibility. [1]This bill will be voted on next week so we need to act now to tell Congress: Working parents aren’t fooled. Vote NO on H.R. 1406!’s happening?The "comp time” bill claims to give hourly workers more time with their families by allowing them, through an agreement with their employers, to choose paid time off as compensation for working more than 40 hours in a week. In reality, the bill would weaken a 75-year-old overtime law and permit employers to demand more hours from their employees without any guarantee that the comp time employees earn would be available when they need it most. [2]For example, there is no guarantee that a mother who works extra hours this week will be able to take that time next week if her daughter comes down with the flu or if she needs to attend a parent-teacher conference, or that an expecting mother will be able to use accrued comp time as parental leave when her child is born even if she’s worked enough overtime to save for an extended leave.Virtually all employees need time off; people need time away from work to care for their loved ones and themselves. But this proposal is misguided and problematic:
  • Workers who prefer overtime pay to comp time could see their hours – and their potential to accrue overtime pay – cut because employers will save costs by giving extra hours and shifts to workers who accept comp time in lieu of overtime pay.
  • Employees who earn comp time have no guarantee that they will be able to use it when they need it, because employers can veto employees’ requests to use accrued comp time anytime they feel the employee’s absence will “unduly disrupt” the employer’s business – even if the request is for an urgent need like caring for a sick kiddo.
  • Employees who accept com time are vulnerable to an employers’ unilateral decision to cash the time out even when the employee may be banking the time for a particular purpose, like maternity leave. 
  • Employees whose employers go out of business risk losing the value of their comp time.  Each year, on average, more than 3 million employees lose their jobs when businesses close.  Even at the peak of the last business cycle (2006-2007), about 600,000 firms, employing 3.4 million workers, went out of business. [3] 
  • Employers may begin to see come time as an alternative to offering vacation or sick time, shifting the cost of accrued time off from employers to employees.
That’s not flexibility. And that is not what working families need. Preschoolers can call jelly beans vegetables and some politicians can give a bad bill a great name, but parents see through this.Tell Congress: Vote NO on H.R. 1406 the “comp time” bill and focus on issues that really matter to working families.*And please be sure to forward this message on to your friends and family so they can take action too. Consider sharing it on your Facebook page!Together we’re a powerful force for women and families!-Ruth, Elisa, Anita, Kristin and the whole team.

After all, cutting pay sounds like it saves the company money, except management has forgotten that their employees are other companies customers. The result of consumers having less money to spend, other businesses must also cut pay. As the result, even more customers not having money to spend, which adds to companies losing more and more customers, simply because the workers are broke all they can afford is food and shelter.The amazing thing is, when people can afford to buy, people do, this generates jobs, as the result of more jobs, more people can afford to spend, as more people can afford to spend, more jobs get created, as more jobs are created, even more people have spending money....I can honestly say that I know the economy is recovering, because my current job is at Wendy's Restaurant where I am in-progress of becoming the Chief Hospitality Officer, Oh I do like that title--it sounds so Star Trek. After all, Spock was the Chief Science Officer and Uhara was the Chief Communications Officer as Data was the Chief of Operations Officer . . . and so on.Oh, yes, my point, the point was how busy we were last night, we were busy because people had spending money, as the result of them having spending money, Wendy's Restaurant made a profit.  If we keep as busy as we were last night, we will have to increase our crew or better yet for me. To officially get the title of Chief Hospitality Officer and the pay raise that goes with it. After all, I am doing the job of meeting and greeting the customers, but I am not getting the extra pay for doing it. This is Why I am looking to supplement my income and why I post so much about finding jobs. I am in the same boat too. The more I can help others improve their economic status the better it will be for us all.