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Thursday, May 16, 2013

Just Say NO 2 Fracking--Fracking is not worth it.

Exposed: Lung Cancer Risk from Fracked Natural Gas in NYC Kitchens

Food & Water Watch    
At a public forum, leading voices in politics, public health, the environment and workers’ rights analyzed the threat to New York City residents from increased radon levels that would be found in natural gas from new...Read More!
Don't be afraid or terrified (FEAR ACCOMPLISHES NOT ONE GOOD THING!!!), but do understand the how and why This--THIS IS  WHY we need to prevent 'Fracking' From not only destroying the environment, but also from killing people. After all, I have a gas stove too, or rather I inherited my late father's gas stove when I moved into his house after he passed away. Having cooked with an electric stove for so long and then changing to gas, I can tell the difference in the air. It did take some getting use too.  This is why I can understand if that gas also had cancer causing chemicals in it then that gas stove becomes a cancer risk also.

Quebec Seeks Fracking Moratorium in Shale Gas Rich Area

 Cal -  - The Canadian province of Quebec, citing public concerns, unveiled a bill on Wednesday to impose a moratorium on hydraulic fracturing, known as fracking, in a region rich in shale gas deposits....Read More.

Quebec, Canada is wising up. Ohio and the rest of the United States--It is time that we wise up too--End 'Fracking'.
This means that there is a petition to be signed>>>>

Kick This Fracking Bill Aside ! PLEASE SIGN ! !

 Cher -  - The oil industry has used hydraulic fracturing, or fracking, on more than 600 wells in the state with virtually no oversight from regulators. Nobody has kept track of whether fracking is harming the environment or public health here...Read More.