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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Sometimes the only solution is tough love.

There is something sad about this>>>
Alex Kane, AlterNet
Coburn’s callous position was announced as the death toll and devastation in Oklahoma was coming into full view. READ MORE»
After all, Oklahoma is not the only state in the Union. There are other states who have needs too. There are other states who are even having forest fires, where their people have also lost their homes and their belongings too. To make it all about Oklahoma is the Ultimate in Greed and Selfishnesss. 
Oklahoma, you are the ones who voted this Republican into Office to Cut Spending--this is your bed that you yourself have made--now you must sleep in it--like it or not.
The solution to our Environmental Problems is not Greed or Selfishness, but rather turning around Global Climate Change--No, we will not return to the Garden of Eden, but we can not, we must not continue as is.


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