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Friday, May 24, 2013

Yes, Let us agree to disagree--My way or the highway is the wrong way.

by Mark Osler
A tipping point has been reached, not only on the issue of marriage equality, but on the broader political force of bully Christianity, a pernicious brand of the faith that tells people who don't have conservative social and political views that they "aren't Christian." That model has now failed where it used to work reliably; Waterloo has been reached.

Yes, Christian Bullying must end After all, once the Christian bullying end, then we can save our brothers and  sisters in Christ from being Bulled. 

This is what is wrong with all extremist, who demand that others world view be as they dictate. We are each and every one an individual, with the God Given Right to hold on to any thought that does not cause other harm.

I got to keep the post short today, since I have fallen behind in my novel writing. This reminds me of the book that I am hoping to complete the fictional planet, that had two continents and two religions, where one continent worship one deity and the other, worshiped another. Both Religions have absolute control of their people and as the result they became the asteroid belt.