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Sunday, May 19, 2013

This Is Why We Must Fight the Good Fight of Faith, Against the Religious Right.

Adam Lee, AlterNet
The religious right often wages campaigns of harassment, intimidation and outright violence against First Amendment plaintiffs. READ MORE»
And, Yet, The Religious Right Complains that they are being persecuted for righteousness sake--AS IF--AS IF They are not the ones being the Bullies--As If--As If Jesus told them to be Bullies---As If--As If They are the only ones who were commanded to beat up everyone who disagrees with you--As If--As If Jesus never really meant for anyone to actually turn the other cheek.

Why am I so quick to agree with this--Because I have experience First hand when I worked for a Non-Union Cleaning Service that was run by an 'Right Wing Fanatic pair of sisters' who were 'Holy Ghost Filled Pain in the A$$' Bullies, who had free reign to lie, cheat and steal from any one and every one whom they could accuse of 'WitchCraft'--AS IF--AS IF The True Job of the Holy Spirit is to be the Accuser of the Brethren and To cause as Much Division as possible, especially between brothers and between sisters.

Yet another case in point-->

I hate to say I told you so. 
As if he does not actually love spreading Hate and Fear--As If.
Especially on something like this.
But even I was surprised at how shamelessly bureaucrats inside of Obama's IRS singled outhundreds of organizations and taxpayers for harassment strictly because of their ideology. 
Yes, It Was Wrong, But--But there is no evidence that the White House Was In Fact Involved--Guilty, until proven Innocent Is Not The American Way.
However, the problem is more insidious, more subtle, and more widespread than you may think.
And it very well could end up hurting you personally. 
That's why I strongly urge you to take a close look at my urgent taxpayer bulletin right now.
In Freedom,
Lee Bellinger
Lee Bellinger, Publisher
Independent Living 

As Far as this Lee Belinger goes>>>

Is lee bellinger › Wiki Answers › Categories › Uncategorized
No, he's a con artist who utilizes fear and social turmoil to push his propaganda masquerading as economic self-help literature and low-quality gear to scared, ...
Why Repeat what he sends--That is easy--This is the Fear Mongering and the Hate Mongering that we need to be aware of--So That We Can Defeat it--No problem was ever solved by sweeping it under the rug--Evil allowed to hide in the closet stays hidden--Evil shown in the light of day--get dealt with and defeated= Sadly, The Worst Evil there is--Is The Evil that Hides Behind the Holy Bible, Hidden Behind the Cross of Jesus--Evil that is done In The Holy Name of Jesus--The Evil that drives many to flee Christianity.

Jesus said to Love Thy Neighbor, Not To Judge thy Neighbor--So let the Judgments cease. Jesus said that if Peter (we) loved him to feed Jesus lambs and sheep, Let Us do that..

This means that yes, there is a petition that needs to be supported---There are legal ways to change laws that one disagrees with, But Bullying should not be the way.

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