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Monday, May 20, 2013

Sane Gun Laws Can and Will Save Lives.

Sean McElwee, AlterNet
Why “more guns, less crime?” is the wrong question to ask. READ MORE»

Gun Violence Prevention - Myths and Facts About Guns - Public ...

The Joyce Foundation and our grantees believe that the toll that gun violence takes on our communities is preventable.As families across the country – in Newtown, Conn., Tucson, Ariz., Aurora, Colo., and countless other towns --  grieve the loss of a loved one who fell victim to gun violence, the Joyce Foundation and our grantees remain committed to keeping our communities safe and free of gun violence. The nation mourns collectively when public mass shootings make headlines, but every day firearms end the life of innocent Americans whose death goes unmentioned.
There are several myths circulating in the public dialogue about gun violence in America. As a foundation committed to research-based grant-making, the Joyce Foundation and our grantees are dedicated to presenting the facts about the threat of gun violence to public safety and public health:
Myth: There is decreasing public support for policy solutions to curb gun violence.Fact: The majority of Americans support common-sense measures to prevent gun violence.
For example, 92% of Americans support a measure requiring background checks on all potential gun buyers, while 63% of Americans support a measure banning military-style assault weapons. In fact, even 74% of NRA members and 87% of non-NRA gun owners support requiring criminal background checks of anyone purchasing a gun. While public opinion polling by Gallup has shown decreasing support for "stricter gun laws," other polls show that Americans overwhelmingly support specific gun policy solutions. Prominent pollsters have also questioned the Gallup poll....Read More.

So Why Do We have to Fight So hard For Gun Sanity Laws to be passed by Congress and the Senate--Because the NRA has bought and paid for many of the Representatives and Senators such as the NRA's man from Ohio, Sen. Rob Portman, among many others.

This Is Why I am Supporting Cal's Petition.

TAKE ACTION NOW! President Barack Obama and U.S. Government: Set Gun Control Laws to Prohibit Guns on Campus

 Cal - - Parents are afraid of sending their children to school; students are worried about being hurt by guns on campus. Therefore, allowing guns on campus could not make campuses security; instead, it will have the opposite effect and lead to more campus gun violence...Read More.