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Sunday, May 5, 2013

Happy Cinco De Mayo Day--Please Remember--Fear Not!!! Tolerance is indeed the way of the Future.

By Lynn Stuart Parramore, AlterNet
Niall Ferguson may have just committed academic suicide in an act of breathtaking bigotry. READ MORE»

It is Wake Up and Smell the Coffee time for this Professor and anyone one else who thinks that they can look at a person and read what is in their hearts and minds--NO MERE MORTAL CAN DO THAT!!
To say that only Parents care about future generations is insane. After all, when my sons were young, we had a running joke bases on the sad fact that indeed some of the worst behaved children on the street were the parents.

Yes, Times Can Change for the Better--There is Reason to be Optimistic--After all, where there is life, there is still hope, indeed.  :-) >>>>
By Brigid O'Farrell, AlterNet
Despite harassment and bias, women are fighting for jobs in skilled trade. READ MORE»

So do not let these Fear-Monger--Scare the Hope out of you--Times are indeed getting better.

Mexican Produce Causes Salmonella Outbreak:
Time to Grow Your Own Food?
Man with stomach ache
            WARNING: Graphic content.

One minute you're enjoying a fresh green salad as the start to a healthy meal.
And then just hours later, you are rushed to the hospital, writhing in agony. Your symptoms may include diarrhea, fever, and abdominal cramps.

You hope they will not want to pump your stomach. You pray you won't be exposed to yet another Third World disease in the emergency room. You remember what you've read about drug-resistant bacteria thriving in U.S. hospitals.

If you live in one of the 18 states listed below, this scenario is not a theory, it is a confirmed medical fact. Dozens of new cases of salmonella have been reported in the U.S. since the first of this year. The culprit, according to the CDC, is tainted produce from Mexico. This time, they say, it's cucumbers.

This outbreak is not confined to states along the border with Mexico; Minnesota is one of.....
As If--As If contaminated food is only grown in Mexico...As if All Mexican Grown food is dangerous. As If American Factory Farms are really any safer. As if everyone can grow vegetable or fruit where they live.

After all, somehow it seems rude and crude, to start finding fault with Mexico on Cinco De Mayo Day--When we really should be saying---HAPPY CINCO DE MAYO DAY!!! FIESTA!!

These 'news letters' are excellent examples of how and why we need to question--Based on what facts--Where is the Meat?? ((pun intended, also))

We all need to question those before, during and after we decide to become followers, This Lee Berringer has been acreditid for one fear-monger news letter after another, one would begin to wonder If He is Capable of Writing anything else.

By The Way, I am posting from an library computer. My laptop is acting up, yet again. I think it is campaigning for retirement ;-)

After coming on line and seeing what has become of yesterday post, which I thought went well from my laptop. I can only hope that this turns out better--Readable, not jibberish like yesterdays. In addition, I am hoping that by posting today, that yesterday's post would be moved down and out of line with what else is written.

Post Scribe--May I also share this most worth while petition from Care2--Where people for all over this planet we call Earth and Home come together to make a difference--4 the better.  :-)
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