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Thursday, May 9, 2013

Save the Envionment--Save Jobs.

Dear Readers, I am passing on this email with the hope that you can and will sign too. After all, we humans here in Ohio as well as the rest of America and the world--Do No Need To Rape Our Planet's Environment For Either Energy Or For Jobs:

The Forest Service is considering a proposal that would allow publicly owned coal to be mined on 433 acres of southeast Ohio’s Wayne National Forest, putting one of Ohio’s best hiking, fishing and recreational areas at risk.1The Forest Service is taking public comments on this disastrous proposal and it has the power to stop coal mining in Wayne National Forest, but that won’t happen without strong grassroots opposition.
Tell the U.S. Forest Service: Don’t allow coal mining in Wayne National Forest. Click here to sign.When Ohio families are fishing in their only national forest they shouldn’t have to worry about whether the fish they catch are safe to eat. But if the Forest Service gives the coal industry its way, streams and waterways near the mine site could be polluted with toxic heavy metals due to acid mine drainage.The mine would also contribute to climate change by giving away publicly owned coal at fire sale prices, fueling the greenhouse gas emissions that are cooking the planet.
The Forest Service has an awful track record of putting national forests at risk in order to boost the profits of dirty energy companies, so it is going to take strong grassroots pressure to convince it not to make the same mistake again with Wayne National Forest.
Tell the U.S. Forest Service: Don’t allow coal mining in Wayne National Forest. Click here to sign.Thanks for fighting dirty coal in Ohio.
Josh Nelson, Campaign Manager
CREDO Action from Working Assets
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1. "Government might open Wayne National Forest to coal mining," Columbus Dispatch, 5/7/13

Thank You.

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After all, Green Energy and Jobs do go hand in hand. Yes, we all need to work to survive. Yes, we do need each other. We are in this Global Economy, together. We can not afford to leave anyone behind, if we do, then they become our weakest link and we all will pay for it in the end.