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Thursday, August 11, 2011


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Hi WatercolorsAngel,

In Cambridge, Ohio, the county-run animal shelter will euthanize stray pit bulls or pit bull mixes within three days of their pickup. Even worse, they will not permit anyone to rescue the dogs, no matter how well-mannered they may be.

Save pit bulls in Ohio! »

Pit bulls currently score 83.9% in the dog breed American Temperament Test. Golden retrievers score an average of 83.2%.

Despite this, Ohio is the only state to require that pit bulls and pit mixes have a "vicious" label. Laws require that pit owners keep their dogs in a locked pen or on a tether at all times. In addition, they must maintain $100,000 in liability insurance.

When she learned about this injustice, activist Kerri McMullen knew she had to speak out. She writes:
We are the voice for animals and in the case of an unfair law to a canine breed which rarely gets a second chance in life, the county and state laws must change.

All dogs should get a fair chance at a loving home, no matter their breed. Demand fair laws in Ohio for pit bulls and pit bull mixes. »

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