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Sunday, January 12, 2014

In support of the Economy which still needs work--that Republican Lead Shut Down did more harm than anyone is willing to admit.

Lesson From December’s Jobs Report: Turn On The Fiscal Jets

It's clearer than ever that America needs to drop its obsession with full-fledged austerity.
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Well, I was going to make this year--the year that I posted regularly once again and to make it all about the environment, but like most plans of mice and men, including this woman, it went astray. Necessity dictates otherwise, if the Republicans of Congress will not support the Middle Class--the True Backbone of our Society, then this Blogger will.

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when unemployment insurance ends
As lawmakers debate a proposed extension for unemployment insurance, families are hurting. A loss of UI not only hurts the adults in a household...but also the children, who carry into the classroom the stress and strain associated with trying to make ends meet. . . .

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Yes, There is much that I need to learn and need to continue to learn. One thing that I do know is that I do not know everything.