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Sunday, August 11, 2013

God Save America From the Christian Fundlementalist and God Save his Son's Church from the very same.

5 Shameful Ways the United States is Leading the World

  • by Judy Molland

1) Obesity....Read More
2) Health Care....Read More
3) Giving Birth....Read More
4) Energy Use Persons.....Read More
5) Defense Spending......Read More

And This>>>>

Do Corporations Have a Right to Religious Expression?

  • by Crystal Shepeard
Because all this is--is an excuse for Right Wing Christians to either shove Jesus down each and everyone of their employees throats or worse to fire a person whose only crime is to belong to another faith. That is unless firing a person does not inflict enough pain, then this can be an excuse to rip off a person--Such as my former employers who ran the cleaning service did all too many times, BUT PRAISE THE LORD--THEY WERE HOLY GHOST FILLED CHRISTIANS-CAN I HAVE A WITNESS--AMEN--AMEN--AMEN--GLORY!!! GLORY!!!  GLORY!!!!!!HALILUJIAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They never ever 'TOOK ANYONE FOR WHAT THEY WERE WORTH, WITHOUT FIRST FRAMING THEM FOR 'WITCHCRAFT' ---AS IF THE ONLY WORKERS WHO WERE WORTHY OF THEIR WAGES WERE THOSE WHO COULD PROVE BEYOND ANY DOUBT THAT THEY ABSOLUTELY LOVED THE LORD 1000% --THEN--THEN ONLY WAS ONE HOUR OF WORK REWARDED WITH THE GIFT OF ONE HOUR OF PAY.
IF NOT, then the question would become how many hours would a 'Witch' have to work to earn an 1/4 of an hour of pay, if working for a Holy Ghost Filled-Born Again Christian Boss???

Not to forget, This

Little Ohio Town Determined to Keep Out Minorities

  • by Judy Molland

This also happens to be a community, where I have been able to locate 46 Christian Churches and two Jewish Synagogues, and a population of just over 45,000.  So with a community of this many believers--how can non-believers be at fault for this discrimination--an attempt to keep the poor out of the city, by making it hard if not impossible to get around without a car. God Forbid anyone use any kind of energy saving mass transportation.