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Wednesday, August 7, 2013



Tell NBC & CNN: Don't Cave to Republican Hillary Threats

In the category of "how can Republicans get even more absurd," we now have this:
Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus is hopping mad at NBC's entertainment division ... because they are developing a miniseries about Hillary Clinton starring Diane Lane. He's so mad, in fact, that he wrote a letter to NBC Entertainment's president containing this threat:
If you have not agreed to pull this programming prior to the start of the RNC's Summer Meeting on August 14, I will seek a binding vote of the RNC stating that the committee will neither partner with you in the 2016 primary debate no sanction primary debates which you sponsor.
Priebus is also angry at CNN for planning a documentary on Clinton. So, naturally, he made the same threat to CNN President Jeff Zucker, using the exact same language.
This really isn't rocket science:  Hillary Clinton is an eminently newsworthy and compelling figure, and it's no surprise to anyone (well, except Priebus) that NBC and CNN would want to create programs around her story.  As has, would, and will be done for nearly any other comparably compelling political figure.   And given that the presidential election is over three years away, and Hillary Clinton isn't even a declared candidate, there's absolutely nothing inappropriate about doing this. Nothing.  Nada.  Zip.
The answer should be clear, but just in case:  Send NBC and CNN a message, and tell them not to cave to Republican threats.
Tell them to tell Priebus to take a hike. 
BUT--FEAR NOT!! The Republican Party may claim the right of Censorship, but they are not the only ones--So For Freedom of Speech Please sign petition and do FRIEND MSNBC & NBC--THANK YOU.
Then, Again, I was There When the Clintons became the Enemies of the Far Right. After all, I confess that back in 1992--I watched the 700 Club. I remember Pat Robertson saying that 'God Told him, among other things, That George H. W. Bush Would Win Re-Election In a landslide--Reality--1992 Was the Year that Bill Clinton Was Elected President of the United States--And the Religious Right have had it in on the Clintons ever since--AS IF THEY BLAME THEM FOR DEFEATING NOT ONLY THEIR CANDIDATE, BUT THEIR GOD, ALSO. 
Liberty University in Lynchbyrg, Va., has revoked its recognition of the campus Democratic Party club because, according to a university official, the club's "parent organization stands against the moral principles held by Liberty."
In a May 15 e-mail to the student group, Liberty Vice President for Student Affairs Mark Hine said the club must end its affiliation with University. The group can no longer use Liberty's name, logo, or seal for its publications, Web sites, Facebook page, Twitter account or anything else.....Read More.

I confess that I did not know about this until recently when it was pointed out as fact on Care2.
And, Yet, there are Right Wing Extremist who justify these actions of Censorship.
There are Extremists who claim that Liberals should be feared--Why I have no idea--despite the fact that I could not find any Liberal College which ever closed down a Republican Club--Does this not prove which side truly is the tolerant side--which is not the Republicans nor Conservative Christians.

This is Why We Need To Vote Republican Extremists Out Of Office--This Is Why We Need To Defend Our President against Their Lies--Sad truth is--If a lie is repeated often enough, then many people mistake it for the truth--Take the notion that 'we need the Second Amendment's Right To Bare Arms in order to protect the First Amendment Freedom of Speech' Myth that has become the mantra for the NRA and other Gun Huggers, but yet, the Second Amendment did not prevent this>>>>

  Two Children Banned for Life From Talking About Fracking

Two Children Banned for Life From Talking About Fracking