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Monday, August 5, 2013

The Real Truth Is Out There

Do Not Let the Americans For Prosperity (Greed and Corruption) deceive you into stabling yourself or you family in the backs
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The enemies of the Middle Class and the Working Poor have lots of money to spend and can afford to spread many many lies. But The Truth Is Still Out There And Can Still Be Found.
The Middle Class Is The True Back Bone of Society. We need to build them up by increasing their numbers. Destroying ObamaCare will eventually Destroy our Society. After all, What Good Will It Do Any One If We Build The Best lamp (for example), the most economic way possible, If No One Can afford to buy that lamp. Would the lamp do anyone any good just sitting in a warehouse, some where? Or are we suppose to believe that if the rich could become even richer than they are that they will start buy lamps by the dozen to make up for those who could not to afford to light up their own houses--As If that would really happen.
Americans For Prosperity is what happens thanks to the United States Supreme Court who said that money is part of freedom of speech---As if the love of Money ever could Stop being the Root of All Evil. 
We Americans of the United States need and must see their activity for what it is--They Are Gloating that They Have Enough Money To Start Buying Votes Now--Long Before the 2014 or 2016 Election has even started. This Is Why Republicans Need To Be Voted Out Of Office---God Save America From The Republican Party and the Greedy Corporations that fund it. The very Same Big Oil, Coal, and Gas Industries that are Destroying our Environment. As If This Is Not Happening >>>>>

The First Rule About Fracking Is: Don't Talk About Fracking


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Under the terms of their family's damage settlement with a drilling company, two kids are forbidden from talking about fracking for the rest of their lives....
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