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Saturday, August 31, 2013

This the last day of August, there are many who are looking for a job. Since the Republican Party is so busy fighting ObamaCare, It is time the people fix the economy.


Six Signs of Career Derailment
"Getting bumped off-track on your way to the top is every high achiever's nightmare.
How can you be sure it doesn't happen to you?" Read More »

Then, this becomes necessary>>>
How to Quit Your Job
"If you're thinking about leaving your current job for greener pastures, here is some advice to
 leave on good terms." Read More »

Image:  How to Turn The Dreaded “How’s the Job Search Going?” Question Into Opportunity
How to Turn the Dreaded "How's the Job Search
Question Into Opportunity
"You may be tempted to deflect any and all questions
 concerning your slow-moving
job search. Instead, use this awkward question as a chance
to network even more."
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5 Essential Tips for Surviving Awkward
 Networking Events
"Networking events may be awkward, but you can save yourself
 from a big embarrassment with these helpful tips."Read more »

No one has it all figured out. Here’s why career confusion isn’t
 necessarily a bad thing. Read more »
Good News!! I am okay, too.

And to keep employees from quitting>>>
Customer Service Thrives in a Positive Culture
by Jeffrey T. McCormack for

"The goal is to encourage the employees to enjoy their job. To build a culture
where the employees want to be there and are motivated to do their
best..." Read More

The Customer-Empowered World of Customer Service

"Customers now have the opportunity to connect directly with company
representatives and share their customer service stories with
thousands of people..." Read More


5 Things That Will Make Your Interviewer Hate You
Here are some tips on some of the things to avoid in an interview that can leave a bad taste in an interviewer's mouth.
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The Best and Worst Industries to Start a Business

Small Businesses


Is Your Business Likely to Fail?

Trends rise and fall, and so do many companies. Which business type is most likely to succeed?
Statistics help paint a better picture of your chances—can you guess which of these industries are the most promising, and which have the highest failure rates?
  • Mom & Pop Restaurants
  • Residential Construction
  • Retail Stores
  • Internet Publishing
Did you guess correctly? Click to find out: