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Friday, August 2, 2013

I confess I have sinned and fallen short of the Glory of God. Lord, Help me, Jesus, I am sorry about my temper.

14-Year-Old Girl Defends Women’s Rights, is Labeled a Whore
14-Year-Old Girl Defends Women’s Rights, is Labeled a Whore

This is where I must plead guilty, with my temper I too am often yield to the temptation of fighting fire with fire.  I too fail to see that I am playing into their hands. As sure as there are too many Christian Bullies in the United States, these are the very same ones if someone fights back will instantly claim that they are being persecuted for Righteousness' Sake.

I am sorry, but for me this is a very emotional issue, because I too have suffered under a Christian Bully and know all too well the pain that can cause. If only they were not so wrapped up in their own Holiness and Righteousness, they could see how ugly and evil their actions are --Such as taking a person for what they are worth, instead of paying the worker their earned wages--in the name of Jesus, makes Jesus look like the source of evil.

What is worse, I saw things happening and a justification was given, but lies and deceptions were really being told in the names of The Father and of The Son and of the Holy Spirit. Supervisor of the now defunct Bedknobs & Broomstix Cleaning Service, 'Jane' was obsessed with the garbage bags that St. Paul Lutheran School/ Church bought. She hid them in many places, because she said she was afraid of them wasting them and then not being able to afford to pay the cleaning service. So there were times that she even took them home for safe keeping. Sadly, it was only after I quit the cleaning service that I could afford cable and even get talked into watching an episode or two of 'Extreme Couponing' when things began to click. We may never know how much money those sisters made in yard/ garage sales where they sold garbage bags that were never theirs to sell.  I just hope and pray that these Holy Ghost Filled Christians have stopped lying, cheating and stealing from anyone and everyone they can con into hiring their cleaning service or con into working for them. Because it is that very activity that does Jesus and Christianity the Real Harm and worst, the reason many walk away from Jesus and His Church.

This Is Why I Was Also Wrong--With So Many Liars, Cheats and Thieves-- Proving we own something before we sell it, even at a yard or garage sale, might be a necessity. Yes, once again, it is the few who are causing the many harm.

Yes, I have been Wrong at times, please be patient with me, I am still learning.