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Saturday, August 17, 2013

World Wide World of Sports should also include World Wide Equality!!!

In Support of a Good Cause--In Support of Julianne's Petition  and Fellow Ohioan--{  GO BUCKEYES!!!  ;-)  }--Who Knows My Work Schedule might actually permit me to watch the Olympics this year--Or Maybe just maybe it proves that I do need to make a better effort at recording and watching--But either way, as a person who once had Olympic dreams, as unrealistic and delusional as they were---I wanted to be on the Olympic Track and Field Team, even though I had problems making it to my high school's track and field team--  :-)))))))  But, Be That As It May--The Olympics Is Suppose To Be About The Best Athletes From Around The World Competing Against Each Other--Not the Best Heterosexual ones, any more than just the Caucasian ones or any other limits which keep the best from competing against the best.  The Olympics should be about SKILL AND ONLY SKILL.  This Is Why I am Passing on This Petition--So Please Sign Julianne's Petition--THANK YOU>>>>>

Stand Against Russia's Brutal Crackdown on Gay Rights: Urge Winter Olympics 2014 Sponsors to Condemn Anti-Gay Laws

By Julianne Howell
Loveland, Ohio