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Friday, November 8, 2013

Gender Equality--Then and Now--Yes, It is still about the economy.

Cave Women Rocked: Science Shows Prehistoric Gender Equality

To Read 1-3 and more on 4 of Piper Hoffman's article click ^^^^^^^.

4. Men Cared for Children
Today’s younger generations are exploring the radical possibility that women are not uniquely gifted with superior diaper-changing skills. Our species figured that out thousands of years ago. We just forgot.
A study out of Northwestern published in American Anthropologist argued that way back when, fathers carried, bathed, fed, taught and played with children. The study’s author, Lee T. Gettler, argued that if fathers had shirked this kind of labor, humans could not have evolved into the big-brained world conquerors we are today.......
As interesting as this is--I must confess that I have issues with this presumption, yes there are some deadbeat dads, but to assume that the only reason that a man does not spend time with family is because he is a deadbeat dad is GROSSLY UNFAIR TO THE MALE GENDER. After all, how many more Fathers would spend more time with their families IF they could afford to spend more time home and less time at work???? How much of this problem is really a lack of a living wage????

So how can we afford men more time at home, with women having hirer wages and men too. After all, as sure as it is unfair for all the housework and child raising to be left to the 'Mom' it is also unfair to place all the financial burden on the 'Dad'.

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