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Tuesday, November 5, 2013


5 Reasons Fracking Is a Death Sentence For Arid States

  • by Beth Buczynski
  • 5 Reasons Fracking Is a Death Sentence For Arid States
As we move into a time of unprecedented climate change, many are worried about where we’ll find enough food and energy to sustain nearly 10 billion people. Food and energy are big demands, yes, but few seem to realize that without an adequate supply of drinking water, neither will matter. Water is the new oil, and there are parts of the world that have already run dry.

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TAKE ACTION NOW! No Fracking the Beartooth Front in Montana


We call upon Energy Corporation of America to discontinue any plans for fracking in the Beartooth Mountains and Bighorn Basin. Our land and water are at stake!

Stop Fracking in BC ! PLEASE SIGN ! !


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Join us in demanding that BC's Premier protect our vital fresh water resources and the global climate by putting the brakes on fracking in BC!
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