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Thursday, November 21, 2013

In Support of the People--The People For The American Way!!!!

I am passing on this email, for personal reasons I am limited at the moment by how much I can afford to donate--but I do support People For The American Way--so I am supporting this most worthwhile cause the best way that I can--which is by passing on the email and hope others sign the petition.
And If You Can Comfortably donate--please do-Thank You.\

Well, at least, I am limited at the moment, I have many applications out and about. I got a phone call that sounded promising--I took an aptitude test, which I did my best. I hope and pray that I did not blow it.  I am still waiting for the results of my latest Accounting Exam--which was on the Account Books of a Fictional Service Company--I balanced the books, so I am hoping that that was a good sign that I did well on the exam.

youtube - enable images
klingenschmitt - enable images
Tell YouTube to reinstate Right Wing Watch's account and take steps to stop abusers of its takedown policy.
PFAW’s work to expose Radical Right leaders in their own words is being drastically hindered because of one right winger’s unscrupulous abuse of YouTube’s copyright takedown policy.
YouTube’s policy states if an account has three simultaneous complaints filed against it, the account is automatically taken down -- even if those complaints are completely frivolous and are all filed by the same person.
Former Navy chaplain Gordon “Dr. Chaps” Klingenschmitt -- whose outrageous assertions about President Obama, demons and the “homosexual agenda” are a regular focus of Right Wing Watch -- has exploited YouTube’s policy to get Right Wing Watch’s YouTube account taken down not once but twice.
Make no mistake: As we did last time, we are challenging this takedown via YouTube’s normal procedures and are sure we'll get our channel back up.  But the process is slow -- even for absurd claims like Klingenschmitt's.
Right now, Klingenschmitt and his allies are bragging to right-wing media outlets about how they “took down” a liberal watchdog group. They’re being emboldened to repeatedly abuse YouTube’s rules again and take advantage of similar rules on other platforms to censor “fair use” video and audio content that exposes their bigotry and extremism.
The video clips Right Wing Watch uses are the basis for much of the news we break about the conspiracy theories and bigoted attacks being promoted on the Right. They are used by newspapers, blogs, researchers and on TV shows like the Rachel Maddow Show and the Daily Show with Jon Stewart.
Now, because Gordon Klingenschmitt is planning to run for the Colorado state legislature, he wants video clips of his own public statements taken down. That’s no surprise, considering some of his claims, like:
  • President Obama has been 'ruled by up to 50 different evil spirits'
  • Wendy Davis is “ruled by a demon of murder” and should be prosecuted
  • ENDA promotes bestiality and under ENDA, “Christians will be bankrupted” and “starve to death”
  • There is a “demonic spirit inside of [Sen.] Jeff Merkley”
  • The FCC is letting demonic spirits “molest and visually rape your children”
  • The demonic spirits inside the homosexual agenda are trying to recruit your kids
If you think it’s wrong that the subject of a watchdog group -- be it a corporation, a government agency or a Radical Right hate-monger -- can abuse YouTube’s policy to “take down” the group watching them, then YouTube needs to hear from you.
PFAW’s Right Wing Watch