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Wednesday, November 13, 2013

What War On Christmas--Certainly not on Christmas Shopping.

Sarah Palin’s New Book About the “War on Christmas,” As a Recipe

Ingredients include calls to action, evangelism and offhand comments about wild things that could only happen in Alaska

Sarah Palin ends her new book, Good Tidings and Great Joy: Protecting the Heart of Christmas, with a collection family recipes—starting with Christ moose Chili. They are the capstone of a 200-page journey through Palin’s vision of the “war on Christmas” that ranges from Constitutional law to culture wars, from fact to fantasy, from Bristol to bear skulls....


After all, there are Christian Radio and Television Networks. In a matter of fact, the secular cable channel--the History channel in currently re-running the mini series--The Bible, which is mostly about Jesus. If you feel like reading there are Christian Books of every category. The question is Can A Non-Christian Be Elected President of the United States??? 

But, Yet, There Are Many Christians who moan and complain about being persecuted for their faith, but refuse to say how that is happening. Just because not every single Christmas song is about Jesus does not mean he is not there. But, it does mean that people do not need to have Jesus shoved down their throat 24/7.

Let us let other celebrate or not celebrate Christmas how each person sees fit--After all, if more people enjoyed the holiday, maybe--just maybe Christianity may become something to enjoy too, instead of a job.

If I am sounding harsh about Christmas--I am sorry--I am not in the Christmas Mood--Lord, Forgive me, but I just do not feel like having Jesus shoved down my throat. I am sorry that I am rather busy with life at the moment with too many things on my mind---Such as the rudeness and crudeness and lying, cheating and stealing done in the name of Jesus--to celebrate Christmas, yet.