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Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Happy Holidays--Thank You, Christian Fundamentalist for Taking the Joy out of Christmas--NOT!!!! But Happy Holidays and Season's Greetings to you too.

With so much going on--I confess--I am not really in a festive mood--I guess my Holiday Mood started going down hill when I was approached by a customer, who was so eager to fight against the imaginary war of Christmas that he could not or would not see that it is not real, so I got stuck there being told that I must not know the difference between a Christian song and a Winter song--As If Jesus called His Followers to be Judges and Bullies.
Then to make things even worst, at last week's Adult Bible Class, in the video we were watching the host made a point at stopping at chicafila to stop for food and to mock vegetarians--FOR THE LOVE OF MERCY IF GOD REALLY SO LOVED THE WORLD WHY OH WHY DO I SEE AND FEEL NOTHING BUT HATE AND INTOLERANCE FLOWING FROM SO MANY CHRISTIANS???  THIS IS WHY I AM NOT REALLY IN A HOLIDAY MOOD--GOT STUCK WITH TOO MANY CHRISTIANS. 
BTW, Daniel the Prophet was a Vegetarian too--so let us stop judging others by what they eat. After all, if meat eating is an entry requirement for heaven--then maybe I will opt out too.

December 25, 2013
today's action This Season's 5 Biggest Scrooges Attack The Poor

The year 2013 leaves us with some shocking and greedy political quotes. So, which politicians make the top 5 Scrooges?

Representative Jack Klingston was caught shaming students for relying on federal aid to eat their school lunches. He boldly claimed poor kids receiving help so they can afford lunch must be bad for their self esteem. The quick fix? Have the children work janitorial duties to pay for their daily trip to the cafeteria so they don't grow up believing there's such thing as "a free lunch."

For today's Daily Action, celebrate the end of 2013 by checking out these top 5 Scrooges.

people taking action: 785

If for some reason you choose not to take the action above, please take a look at our alternative action.

alternative action Protect Patients: Give Them Coverage They Deserve
Medicare patients have two different classifications: inpatient, and outpatient. These terms don't mean much to many of us. To others, they are the difference between tens of thousands of dollars in undeserved medical bills, and legitimate insurance coverage.

For today's Secondary Action, end the harmful use of observation status in hospitals.