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Thursday, December 19, 2013

Since the Federal Reserve decided that the Recession is over with--It is our job--the Human Family's Job to help those who still need a job or are under-employed get either employed or a second job or what they need to take care of their own families this Holiday Season.

Image: Don’t Be Deceived By These 6 Freelance Job Post Scams
You’ll never make money freelancing if you’re applying for the wrong jobs. Steer clear of these freelance job postings so you can get paid what you’re worth.
Yes, there are many many scams out there.  Do not be fooled into any of them nor let any one you care about get fooled--THERE IS INDEED MORE TO BE LOST THAN MONEY AND PRIDE--SOMETIMES THESE SCHEMES EVEN COST A PERSON THEIR IDENITIES!!!

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No one wants to be a tattletale, but sometimes speaking up is necessary. Here’s when you should talk to your boss.
No likes being a tattle tale, but sometimes we all have to do what we hate to do--IF IT IS In the best interest of fairness and justice.
Naughty behavior - warranted or not - is challenging to deal with. It's hard to keep a cool head when a customer complains, but you can turn whining into winning. First, take a cleansing breath and listen. A complaint can be your cue to improve a process or service. Approach the complaint with objectivity and honesty, and put your customer back on the nice list.
Weigh in: How do you manage complaints from your customers?
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