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Tuesday, December 31, 2013


As yet another year comes to an end, an new year begins with the promise of a new beginning, which is why I suppose so very many of us make New Year's Resolutions--Goals for the new year. I know, for I am one. With this new year, that for me means an 'empty nest'. My older son is right now in the process of moving into his own apartment, while my younger son never left the old homestead of Garfield Heights, Ohio. 

My goals are either a second part-time job or a full-time job, since I can not continue to live off my savings. This is why I post about job and job seeking. After all, we are all in this economy together, the more people who are fully employed, one way or another, the better it is for everyone.  We the Middle Class are the True Backbone of Society, which is why we need and must support each other.

My other goals are to complete my Accounting Course and increase my grade point average. My older son says I am doing pretty good, but I am hoping to do better. Yes, I understand that 85% on an exam is pretty good, but my sights are for higher and better. Speaking of studies, my Accounting even took over my Spanish time, which I hope to go back to this coming year.

My next goal is to manage my time better, keep up with studies, and yet also keep up with my gym membership and the blog better than I have of late. In addition, to adding to my family. I have not told my sons yet, but as soon as it is possible, I plan on going to the nearest shelter and adopting a cat, whose picture I plan on posting.  This also will be an interesting adventure, since the reason that I can write so little about my sons is because if I wrote more about them--I would be in big trouble, since they both have images and reputations to maintain.

Wow, this will be quite an adventure--I have never lived alone before. After all, my mother died when I was a young adult. After she died, I was told over and over that the last thing I should do was to move away from my father, because he never lived alone before and needed taking care of--otherwise known as someone to do the cooking, cleaning and laundry.

Finally, I remember once upon a time, I was on fire for the Lord. I remember singing>>COME AS YOU ARE TO WORSHIP.... Now so much of Christianity is about THE LAW--THE LAW--THE LAW---I MISS GRACE--Once upon a time Jesus came to call his followers In Grace and In Truth--Now so much of Christianity is Ruled By the Religious Right that more and more of the Joy is sucked out, along with the Peace, Love, and Charity--well the charity is still there, but now it feels more like bribes for coming.  Lord, Forgive Me, Jesus, but I do not want the job of telling anyone else how to live their lives, unless they are causing harm to others.  As it was talked about on LinkedIn, we all have the need to be Understood and Accepted, so let us all work hard at Understanding others and Accepting Others, who knows, we just might get some of that Understanding and Acceptance, back--in return.

Here is to An Happy and Safe and Blessed New Year for one and ALL!!! :-)  :-)