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Sunday, December 22, 2013

ObamaCare and More Care--This Caring Time of the Year.

Ask Stacy: Isn't Obamacare Going to Wreck the Economy?
Dec 17th, 2013 -
The new health care law is complex and, for many, confusing. Here are some simple answers to help you understand the economic ramifications of this law on our economy and how the Affordable Care Act is designed to make care affordable.
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From MoneyTalks Newsletter. And even Consumer Reports endorses President Obama's Affordable Care Act which I have finally signed up for and even sent my first check to pay for---YES, IT DOES FEEL GOOD TO FINALLY HAVE HEALTH CARE--SO WHY THE GREIF???

But, on the lighter side>>> If there is anyone else like me, who is about to become an empty nester>>>

Pet of the Week
December 22, 2013

Meet MaMaCat

Character counterpart: A maternal character who welcomes all into her home
Bright future: Was adopted after she was found to be pregnant
Cares about: The rights, respect, and care of all animals

MaMaCat cares about animals like Arden, a chimp who no longer spends her life behind bars. Watch her story, and become a Humane Hero for animals»
After all, just because there are no more children does not mean we have to be alone.

I do not know whom I will adopt when the time comes, but he or she will be a cat. After all, I am a firm believer that the number of cats should not exceed the number of the cats staff--I am only one person so that equals only one cat.

And for the dog lovers--don't forget--dogs are adoptable too.