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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Bring a Little Sunshine to Your Morning


Many experts will tell you to keep your bedroom as dark as possible so you can sleep better. But I say you should let Mother Nature be your alarm clock. Sunlight governs our natural sleep-wake cycles. Artificial lighting, however, tends to throw off this cycle, making us feel alert at night when the world’s natural darkness would otherwise signal our brains to feel sleepy. Artificially darkened rooms also throw off this cycle, making us feel tired in the morning when natural sunlight would wake us up.

Let the sun wake you up! Stop pulling your shades down when you go to bed at night. That way, your room will become gradually lighter as the sun rises, slowly arousing your body and mind out of sleep. Follow this advice, and you’ll already be awake and alert long before your alarm clock sounds – no more waking up to that annoying buzzer!

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Sounds nice for the people who get to sleep in, or maybe work 9 to 5 and near enough to home, except what do people like me do? I wake up and get to work while it is still dark. Or people like my younger son, David, do; he works third shift. When the sun come up is his time to go to bed. No wonder he needs extra blankets to cover up the light that comes in through the windows.  Or the people who work second shift, like my late husband, I remember it took him and average of an hour  or so, of being home to relax enough to go to sleep.