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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

WHAT THE . . . IS THIS????

Republican blacks are better than Democrat blacks. In the mind of Ann Coulter, that’s a fact. Coulter made the “our blacks are better than their blacks” statement earlier this week on Fox News, and she stood by the claim last night while talking to Joy Behar. Coulter said on Fox News: “Our blacks are so [...] Ann Coulter Defends “Our Blacks Are Better Than Their Blacks” Statement is a post from ...

Some body needs to educate  Ms. Ann Coulter that this whole premise is wrong. They are not 'our' blacks any more than any of us Caucasians are 'their' whites. Each and Every Human Being on this God's Green Earth is his/her OWN person, Without exception.
Only on Fox News would this B.S. be called 'News'.
As far as "Needing a 'Christian' President" goes that is equally non-sense. What we need is a competent president, even though IMO President Obama is both--He is a Christian (not Muslim) and IMO competent,to say the least. After all, The United States, unlike Ancient Israel, Is Indeed a Secular Nation. We are Governed by the Constitution and Bill of Rights. So If/When a Jewish person or Muslim or a person of whatever other religion runs for president, just as with every Christian who runs for office. The questions are still the same--Where do they stand on the issues? After all, any and all elections, IMO are all about where each and every candidate stands on the issues--foreign and domestic.