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Thursday, November 3, 2011

Summit County deputies take concessions

Deputies of the Summit County Sheriff's Office agreed Wednesday to give back over $350,000 to their employer in order to prevent the layoff of 15 deputies, thereby maintaining the current level of law enforcement services provided by the Sheriff's Office.  The Deputies approved these givebacks by an overwhelming margin.
"This falls right in line with what FOP members have been doing all across this state to keep the doors open in law enforcement agencies.  Public employees have given over ONE BILLION DOLLARS in contractual concessions since 2008" said Jay McDonald, Fraternal Order of Police of Ohio President.
"I couldn't be prouder of the deputies.  They recognized the economic condition of Summit County, caused partially by the cuts in local government funds by Governor Kasich's Budget, and acted in the best interest of the community that they serve" said Otto Holm, the Fraternal Order of Police / Ohio Labor Council Representative.
That is the Reality of life, but-still the supporters of Issue 2 still claim-->

Watchwoman: Issue 2 is way down in the polls, so we need every one of you to get out and vote YES!  This is an extremely important issue and the unions are going insane to ensure it gets voted down.  If every right to worker would get out there and vote, we could still turn this around and keep SB 5 that was passed by the Ohio House and Senate and signed by Gov. Kashish from being repealed.  So go out Tuesday, November 8, 2011 and vote YES on Issue 2.  Don’t be discouraged.  We can still win this vote!  ▬  Donna Calvin

For the Love of Mercy and Truth, after 'giving back over $350,000 in order to keep fellow officers on the street working, can that Governor of ours continue to call our Public Employees selfish and greedy. How much more are they suppose to give back, so that our 'Good Governor' can give even more bonuses and even more tax-cuts to his rich supporters?  After all, he is the only Governor, who right after an election-with all the costs there of, that can go back on television with almost as many ads as he had to get elected, with seemingly a whole new war chest of cash. Well, when you are 'show yourself to be as bribable', as our 'Good' Governor, then it is only money.