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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Oh, God Save America from America

Republican governors will stop at nothing to win next November. Now we know just how far they'll go.
With his latest voter suppression venture, Ohio's Republican Governor John Kasich has abolished the most popular early voting days, making it more difficult for working families to vote – all to suppress Democratic turnout and give Republicans the edge.
Kasich and his Tea Party cronies know that Ohio is a key swing state. And they'll do everything they can to defeat President Obama and consolidate their power – even if it means denying Americans the basic right to vote.
But thankfully, the Ohio Democratic Party is fighting back.
It's the same thing we've seen in other key swing states like Florida and Wisconsin, where Republican governors Rick Scott and Scott Walker passed laws specifically designed to limit access to the ballot box.
In Ohio, volunteers worked around the clock to collect nearly 500,000 signatures at neighborhood meetings, church gatherings and local festivals. Almost 500,000 people sent a message to put this terrible bill on the ballot and overturn it once and for all.

Republican would stop at nothing to continue their attack on President Obama,which is a highly believable accusation. After all, the Presidential race and the Senate race is not until Next November and we in Ohio are already getting bombarded with a new series of attack ads. 
Oh, what ever happened to the 'Good Ole Days' when the end of one election meant that there would be a time-out from Political Ads. It would be safe to watch broadcast television, after all the only commercials that would be on would be the businesses selling their products.
Now, we have 'Big Business' and the Republican Party with their non-stop campaigning, especially with 'Big Business' having the money advantage, which can and will be made even worst if a Republican succeeds in outsting Obama. After all, can any sane person really believe that the funding of Republican attack ads  from the kindness heart and not out of pure Greed?
We have definitely become our own worst enemy!