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Friday, November 4, 2011

State aid cuts lead to 1,100 levies on Ohio ballot

COLUMBUS — Despite Gov. John Kasich’s warnings that raising local taxes could hurt state development efforts, local governing bodies say they have no choice but to ask voters for money in November after enduring cuts in state aid.
On Nov. 8, voters across Ohio will decide nearly 1,100 requests for more tax dollars, ranging from school operations to parks and senior services, The Columbus Dispatch reported.
Mr. Kasich and GOP leaders have said their budget, which took effect in July, closed a massive budget hole without raising taxes, but cuts in state dollars to local governments have combined with cuts from earlier years to create an urgent need for cash, the newspaper reported.
Dozens of townships are asking residents for money to make up a 25 percent cut in state aid, with another 25 percent cut expected next year.
Cuts in state money have meant some libraries have cut back on staff and hours, despite higher demand.
Statewide, 20 library levies will ask taxpayers to maintain taxes already passed or increase the level being paid.

What else would the 'Good Governor' expect? When the cities get less money from the state, they have to go someplace else for their money. The first place they look to is their own citizens, but have no fear that 'Big Business' might suffer. After all, some how--some way, businesses have this way of getting exempt from taxes, especially when the governor is a Republican like Governor Kasich happens to be.

Speaking of tax levies that are on the ballot that need passing for the good of others, not that any of us actually 'likes' paying taxes, but the service that the tax money pays for is an absolute necessity--'needs do come before mere wants/desires--Issue 20-the Stow Monroe Falls School Levy and Issue 25-Not a new tax, but a renewal of a tax that provides needed services for those in Summit County who have Developmental Disabilities