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Saturday, November 5, 2011

What A Week?!?!?!?!?!?!

Some body, correct me if I am wrong to feel invisible and taken for granted at work, especially after this week. Monday began with my encounter with Waste Management, so-called Professional garbage disposal company, whose workers do their job so half assed that my job of sweeping with broom and dust pan is doubled if not tripled (but of course at the same wage). What can I say about Waste Management Company (who coincidently, the owner of one franchise is close friends with my boss, Lora Campe); I was there when they ‘emptied’ a dumpster, with so much garbage left inside and especially underneath it that they could barely reattach the other half of the dumpster, but somehow these Waste Management workers just kept on reattaching as if none of the garbage was left behind, which reminds me of yet another reason that Issue 2 must go down to defeat. After all, it is indeed a lie from the pit of Hell that Union workers are lazier than non-union workers. These workers must get paid so low, so low that they know whatever happens they will not get fired. After all, who else will the bosses get to do the job?  If It was an Union job with Union Benefits then there really would be a line, a very long line indeed with all the many Ohio families who do not have health coverage, I doubt if there is anyone from anywhere in Ohio who would turn down an Union job doing ANY KIND of work AT ALL, no matter how far they have to drive or if they have to relocate or both.

 My job is sweeping both the North and South sides of Landerwood Plaza’s parking lot, where on Tuesdays and Thursdays, I sweep the back alley way. In the past, it has been a no cut thru, even though many people ignore the signs, but now the Solon School bus has instructions to take the alley as a cut thru. I found out when I was sweeping the bus driver expected me to get out of their way (well he, but originally I mistook for a she). Needless to say, my first reaction was to be offended, since I thought I was the only one there, legally, that was Tuesday.  Then Thursday came, he stopped, this really got me mad and then I was told that he was told to take the alley as a cut through by Management—most likely Landerwood Management—Michelle Feher of the Keyes-Treuhaft Company  (where my boss, Lora Campe, who has a free pass to operate her business any way she pleases, since as I was to ‘she does have a 2 year lease’)-. Since my boss, Lora Campe is also her tenant at 30559 Pinetree Road #236. Am I being unreasonable to be offended that no one bothered to give me a heads up about this change in policy? After all, I only work there.  
As if these were not enough, Friday, yesterday, the leaves covered the parking lots of both Landerwood North and South and the other parking lot at one half of the Center Mayfield Building at 3921 Mayfield Road, Cleveland Heights, Ohio, where there were so many leaves that it looks like someone took a leaf blower and covered the one parking lot with the leaves of both parking lots as much as they could.  I spent as much time and energy as I could, (after all, when I do a job, I like being able and turn around and be truthfully able to say-think-job well done-after all, if I did say it out loud without a cell phone in hand-people will realize that I am crazy enough to talk to myself  ;-))) without sweating blood, but could only sweep up with broom and dust pan, most of the leaves, not all the leaves and not anywhere else.  The question becomes—will anyone really believe that I worked my butt off or with they think that I got lazy and deducted out of my paycheck.

LAST, BUT, NOT LEAST, THERE IS THE BIG THANK YOU, THANK GOD FOR ONE HARRIET, who works at the Remodeling Associates Inc., who has an office there. For she saw my blight, she felt my pain. THANK GOD—THANK GOD, HE BLESSED me WITH HER. She was truly my Sister In Christ. She gave me a hug which I deeply and sincerely needed at the time, THANK GOD—THANK GOD.

This is why I probably jumped to the wrong conclusion about actually working some place else. I am so hoping for a real job, with real pay and benefits and being part of a real community that I jumped to a wrong conclusion when it looked like the interview went well.