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Saturday, November 12, 2011

How the stress of work might really make you sick

The stress and strain of work really could be taking a physical toll on you, and you may be surprised to find exactly what it is about work that hurts in various parts of your body.
Researchers who examined more than 70 studies looking at the relationship between work and illness, found that long hours and a heavy workload were clearly correlated with illness, according to a post on PsyBlog.
They did find that the typical factors we associate with stress — such as long hours and a heavy workload — are correlated with illness and physical ailments such as headaches and stomach problems.
The researchers found that "organizational constraints" like not having the time or authority to reach the goals set for you are most strongly associated with physical symptoms, especially gastrointestinal problems and fatigue.
The researchers also saw strong correlations between role conflict — when your boss tells you to do one thing and another person gives you different instructions — and tummy troubles. Co-worker conflict was associated with having trouble sleeping.
Researchers are hesitant to say that work stress causes illness and physical ailments, since in most cases the studies look only at the correlation between stress and illness.

Yes, been here and done this. I have worked under what had to be one of the worst supervisor's ever, but because I worked at a non-union small 'Mom and Pop and Sister' company. To go to the owner and manager to try to explain to her that it is her sister's fault that we were not getting along would have been insane. So when ever her sister would 'tell' me that I was being 'Spiritually Immature' not to see that this person was a 'Witch' or that person a 'Warlock' or another person a 'Goon' or that 'The AAA (as in believe it or not The American Automotive Association) was paid off by her ex-brother-in-law to break in and ransack her apartment", and not say anything that would start an argument because she was right, unless someone could thoroughly prove that she and her 'Holy Ghost' were wrong.