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Friday, October 26, 2012

Gun Control--Part II.

Dear Readers, I am passing on this email From Mayors Against Il-Legal Guns, as my way of supporting their very very Good Cause of getting IL-Legal guns off the streets;

Zina Haughton’s husband got the .40-caliber handgun he used to murder Zina and two other people and wound four others last Sunday in Wisconsin by searching online on Armslist.

Armslist is one of thousands of websites that allow people to find “private sellers” and buy guns with no background check and no questions asked. The site gives buyers a clear choice: search for licensed dealers who are required to conduct checks, or search for private sellers who aren’t.

Just a year ago, New York City investigated private sellers on this same website and warned that this system could have deadly consequences.  And since then, nearly 500 women have been murdered with guns by their intimate partners. But our leaders in Washington have sat back and done nothing.

Watch the video of a private seller on sell an assault rifle to an investigator who said he couldn’t pass a background check and share it with your friends and family.

Watch the videoNew York City investigators looked at private sellers on 10 websites and found that 62% of them were willing to sell a gun to someone who said he couldn’t pass a background check. And with more than thousands of sites just like these, there are countless private sellers just a click away.

Zina’s death was a tragic reminder that avoiding a background check and getting an illegal gun is as easy as turning on a computer.

The time has come for our leaders to take the dangerous loopholes in our laws seriously. The fact that President Obama and Governor Romney haven’t come forward with a plan to improve our gun laws is a failure of leadership.

Please do your part to raise awareness about this lethal loophole and what our leaders can do to help save lives:

Thanks for speaking up,

Mark Glaze
Mayors Against Illegal Guns

I Understand That The NRA would use this in their Fear Mongering campaign, they call Gun Grabbing, but that False Accusation will not stop me from supporting a Good Cause. After all, There are too many IL-Legal guns and other weapons in the hands of unstable people. 

The way that I see it we have two choices--Either we can not stand by and watch the slaughter without doing something about it, until a major incident triggers an over-reaction or we can start gun control now while cooler heads are prevailing.

After all, the Sad News is, with all the stresses of daily life, all too many of us are ticking time-bombs waiting to explode. The Sad News is that all too many of go through life only wishing that we had a support group behind us.