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Monday, October 15, 2012

Monday Morning Fight For Truth and Justice For All---For That is The True American Way..

By Lauren Kelley, AlterNet
A close look at Romney's past reveals many warning signs -- some even worse than driving with his dog on the roof. 
 1. Mormon women have reported "horror stories" about Romney from when he served as a Mormon bishop. . . . .
2. He reportedly pushed Bain employees to lie to get information. . . .
3. He paid for his son and daughter-in-law’s surrogacy agreement, which included an abortion clause. . . .
4. He’s annoying his neighbors by quadrupling the size of his beach house. . . .
5. He publicly berated a man for drinking and smoking weed. . . .
This is the person who wants to be Commander-In-Chief--Just What This person Does Not Need To Be Given--MORE POWER TO ABUSE.

Archbishop Damning Gay Kid’s Mom to Hell

Archbishop Damning Gay Kid’s Mom to Hell
A Minnesota archbishop, and central figure behind Minnesota’s anti-gay marriage amendment, once told the mother of a gay child to renounce her son’s homosexuality or risk going to hell, whereby he also compared his “hard saying” to the teachings of Jesus.

The letter, by Twin Cities Catholic Archbishop John Nienstedt, was reportedly written as a response to a mother pleading for acceptance for her gay child.
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AS IF THIS HAPPENING WAS NOT BAD ENOUGH--SINCE ONLY GOD JUDGES THE LIVING AND THE DEAD--There are some people who call this Archbishop a Victim of Christian Bashing--AS IF he is the Victim here--As If he is Holy and Righteous Enough to claim The Mercy Seat of God--As If!!!!!!

As a Christian I wish I could spend more time saying what I believe in--BUT WITH SO MANY DOING SO MUCH EVIL IN JESUS HOLY NAME--THAT ALL TOO MANY TIMES BECOMES IMPOSSIBLE--After all, We complain more than enough that the Moderate Muslims Do Not Do Enough to Stop the Extremist Muslims--So By Calling Muslims To Action--We Are Also Calling Ourselves To Action.

This is also why I am becoming more and more convinced that When That False Prophet Does Arise--He/She will arise from the Far Right of Christianity along with The Beast. After all, Is It Not Written in Titus 1:16-->"They profess that they know God; but in works they deny him, being abominable, and disobedient, and unto every good work reprobate." What more effective way to deny God that attempting to push Him off His Throne of Judgment??? Or Worst--To Spread Hate In His Holy Name! After all, It Is Very True That Humans Sin And Fall Short of the Glory of God--But God Hates the Sin--NOT THE SINNER---NEVER THE SINNER--GOD THE FATHER ALMIGHTY IS FAR TOO LOVING FOR THAT.  

By Rachel Morello-Frosch , Manuel Pastor, AlterNet
California’s communities of color are implementing effective climate change responses that address social equity concerns while also building political momentum that can catalyze broader policy change. READ MORE»

Thank God That More and More Americans Have Woken Up and Smelled The Coffee that Fossil Fuels Are So 20th Century!!! After All, We Are Still-->

By James Gustave Speth, Yale University Press
In his new book, James Gustave Speth explains how America is not broke, the money is just in the wrong places.        READ MORE»